Russ Lane



BASS Master


Russ Lane signed on with Gill as a Pro Angler in January of 2015.

    How important is it to stay dry and warm when fishing in a competitive environment?

    When you are competing in extreme weather conditions against the best anglers in the world, you want to have every advantage you can get. Gill's rainwear and layering systems are second to none when it comes to keeping me dry, warm and mobile. If the clothing I wear allows me to be more comfortable and flexible than the next guy then that can be a huge advantage over an 8 hour tournament day.

    What reasons do you wear foul weather gear when it is not raining?

    Gill foul weather gear isn't just for rainy weather conditions. On those post frontal spring and winter days, the wind and frigid air can make for some miserable conditions if you are not prepared. With the right clothing layers and a Gill rain suit, you can keep the wind out and seal in the warmth to keep you comfortable all day long.

    What is your favorite Gill garment?

    One of my favorite Gill garments are the windproof fleece jackets. They are extremely light, allow for great flexibility and comfort, and will keep you warm on those chili days on the water.

    What do you like most about wearing Gill?

    I've been fishing tournaments now for over 20 years and wore all different brands of foul weather gear. Gill is hands down the best that I have ever wore. Little things like the form fitting cuffs and collars, the breathability of Gill's premium materials and the lightweight feel of the rain suits allowing me more flexibility make a huge difference. All of these things including the Gill under layers make for a more enjoyable experience under extreme weather conditions.