Jeff Kosiba



Offshore Professional Tournament Captain


Capt. Jeff Kosiba signed on with Gill in 2014 as a Pro Offshore Captain

    How important is it to stay dry and warm when fishing in a competitive environment?

    It is imperative to stay dry and warm on the water, because when you are not comfortable with the elements you focus less on fishing and more on what you should have worn! My Gill gear does just that ,keeps me dry and warm when I am fishing tournaments, so that I can focus on putting my team on the fish and where we need to be . Gill has exceeded mine and my team's expectations with comfort and quality!

    What reasons do you wear foul weather gear when it is not raining?

    When I go bait fishing at night during winter it can be cold and windy , so it's easier when you are warm and the elements are not beating you down . With a quality Gill Jacket it make those long nights not so cold and windy but comfortable!

    What is your favorite Gill garment?

    OS22 jacket and bibs.

    What do you like most about wearing Gill?

    The precision to detail , comfortable , stylish, and it meets my everyday needs to hold up through the harsh saltwater environment with the different weather conditions and fishing.