Michael Neal



BASS Master


Michael Neal signed on with Gill as a Pro Angler in January of 2015.

    How important is it to stay dry and warm when fishing in a competitive environment?

    Fishing is one of the most mentally challenging things that a person can do. When you have all the different things going through your head about where to go or how to adapt to the current conditions that you are facing, having to worry about staying dry or warm is the last thing that an angler needs. All of the attention needs to be on every second of every cast.

    What reasons do you wear foul weather gear when it is not raining?

    I wear foul weather gear a lot besides just when it is raining, or snowing/sleeting in a worst case scenario. I depend on my foul weather gear to keep me warm during the coldest months, rain or shine. I also will put on my foul weather gear in rough water where there is a good chance to get wet. You can prevent getting wet, but once your wet, it often takes a long time to dry out on the water.

    What is your favorite Gill garment?

    My favorite Gill garment would be the OS22 trousers/bibs. This is different than any other rainsuit that I have ever worn that has "suspenders" on it. Most suits will pull and strain your shoulders and back, causing a lot of tension. The Gill OS22 trousers are exceptionally lightweight in comparison to the warmth that you receive while wearing them. Combine the elasticity all the way through the suspenders and the light overall actual weight of the trousers and you have a perfect, warm combination.

    What do you like most about wearing Gill?

    There's not a way to pick just one thing that I like the most about wearing Gill. One would be the dependability of the suits. Being able to put the thought of being cold or wet out of my head gives me an advantage over other competitors. The other thing that I find very important is the breathability of the suits. It is important to have a warm suit, but if your body cannot breathe under it, you will sweat and ultimately get cold.